Jaipur Shahpura House

This is the most frustration experience , I am going to give it another try. I declare 2014 as the year of new beginings, a year of adventures, a year of discovery. So in the spirit of discovery I will attempt to write a new pot again (it is the third time I am trying)
It took a night flight from Tel aviv, domestic flight from Mumbai to Jaipur, 45 minutes drive from the airport and we arrived at our first palace. well kind of as it it a Maharaja palace that was converted to a hotel, with old english furniture, canopy beds and beautiful fabrics, old fashion courtyards. Everyone wants to help, no is not in their vocabulary.
We were treated to a typical vegetarian Indian diner with entertainment, belly dancer and puppet show.
I really did not know anyone from the group of women I am traveling with, except Dina. Most of them came from Jerusalem, they made aliya 20-30 years ago. I look forward to getting to know them all but the truth is that all I want is to absorb the Indian culture, to learn as much as I can. I placed myself in a zen like state so I am not upset if my room is smelly, well they changed it and I got a nice big room . still there is a smell that will need to be explored, it could be part of the air.
One day is over and so far I experienced the tourist side, tomorrow we start with meditation and then off to to see a temple.


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