Day 2-Jaipur to Pushkar

Morning fog welcomes us on the first morning in Jaipur,breakfast chai was great but nothing else memorable.
We drive thru Jaipur on the way to the amber fort.
The wind palace is basically a facade, made of many windows thus the name The old Jaipur is a walled city, the doors are painted pink which is the color of hospitality.
The hindus gets their horoscope when they are born, they make decisions according to the way the planets and the stars align, they consult an astrologer for important life events. There is an observatory in Jaipur that has many sun dials, each one is used for different measurments. There is 12 sun dials for each zodiac sign, it is fascinating. To think that every important event in one’s life is written in the sky.
The fog is still hovering, it seems like there is a dust cloud over the ,and. We left Jaipur on the way to the holy city of Pushkar.The landscape is dusry,dry. There is a contrast between the vibrant colors and the beige/grey color of the land.
Arrivng to Pushkar you hear a hum, they say it’s the prayer hum but it’s also the singing and instrument playing.
The hotel, The pushkar palace seats on an a lake surrounded by temples, you cant go near the lake with shoes, the sign says, no smoking, no meat no shoes 30 feet from the lake.
Pushkar is called a holy city, tomorrow we will hike to the temple on the hill for a veiw, they dont eat meat and the cows walk everywhere, they don’t drink wine but they smoke grass..I guess they need something to get high.
Shabbath is at 5:45, I ‘d better get ready.
Shabatth shalom

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