Barefoot college

Sunday morning, it’s only the third day but the smells, the cows walking everywhere like they own the place, the morning bell announcing it’s time to deep in the holy lake of Pushkar and the chanting that sounds like a hummmmmmm.
Morning mindfulness meditation with Dina and we are off to see something different, a ray of hope for the future.
The Barefoot college is an NGO that started by Bunker Roy ( you can hear his talk on Ted) who came visited some villages in 1967 and opened BC in 1972, It teaches women a job and by that strengthen the villagers and help them solve their own problems. The women in Indian society does not have much to say, most are illiterate , once married she moves with her husband to his family and basically works for them, then there is the cast system . At barefoot college which runs by solar power we saw women making solar oven, we saw women weaving, we met women who got trained as dental hygenice, as accupunture. The place was clean and the building well kept. The man who took us around was very proud to of the place and the fact that women do everything. It’s an empowering and eye opener.
We continued to Jaipur and 8 of us boarded a train top Agra.
The train arrived 15 minutes late , we had assigned seats, not bad, felt like a crowded old metro north…
The weather has been cold , this morning started foggy then got lighter.
Can’t wait to see the Taj.

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