Jaisalmer is a desert city, 80 km from the Pakistan border.Jali is the name of the stone lattice work. The color of this city is gold which comes form the sand, although it’s known for the incredible silversmith works.

We entered another fort ( I believe it’s the fourth on this trip), this one has four gates one cannot be seen from the other so you walk like in a zigzag. We entered the Jin temple and were able to take photos, their deity has a human like features and no adornments just an innocent smile..This is a “working” fort, people live within the walls, the streets are narrow , the market is bustling with merchants offering all sorts of stuff form pashminas to Kama Sutra books to bags and more . It’s a popular tourist destination. Our guide told us that there is a popular Indi movie that was filmed in the city , that explains the groups of students we met who cam on a two day train journey from Delhi.

Lunch was served on the roof of a hotel over looking the fort. In the last two weeks we tasted the food, smelled the spices, enjoyed the colors and heard folk music. Surprise waited for us, a lesson in traditional Indian music. We learned that there is order to the rythm, to the movement of the dance , to the gestures and the words. There are sixteen notes that keeps repeating. It felt soothing and transformed us to a maharaja palace where he is listening to his court musician.

After lunch we walked to the silversmith home , I must have been day dreaming as I bumped into a cow and then stepped in her S.., they say it’s good luck but i got startled..the streets are filled with cows walking around like they own the place with no regards to motorcycles or people.

The attention to details is fascinating, in the chaos of the street there is order.








One thought on “Jaisalmer-Jali

  1. Love reading about your trip and seeing the fabulous photos. What an amazing experience. Wonderful photo of the two mothers with their children. Can’t wait to hear more.

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