Where is home?

Israel is the country that shaped my personality. The place where I grew up, went to school, army and university. There is a feeling of belonging that cannot be explained in words.
I have been away from home, my family, my kids, my grandkids for almost a month. The home I created with my partner for life, the home we build together, the children we raised. This home is the US.
In the last month I have travelled from the US to Israel to India to Israel and back to the US. I explored new country, met new people, formed new friendships, spent time with my mom.
I feel like a tree, the roots are in Israel, the trunk is me, growing, the brunches , the leaves , the flowers are what I did and will continue doing …
Life is a journey and although this blog started as a travel journal I invite you to continue exploring with me. Let the tree grow…









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