Art-Miami 2015

The week after Thanksgiving I flew South to Miami. Even with global warming, New York has started to get cold so a little sun and little art made sense.

Well…. I did see Art but although it was not cold it rained and was windy.


Janet, Ronit and the Pink Ladies, Adele and Eva

Janet, Ronit and the Pink Ladies, Adele and Eva


When it comes to Art Basel – Miami 2015 it was an uber plethora of fairs. Close to 20 different fair and museum shows and gallery pop-ups . There was no way I could cover it all but here are some of my favorites.

Pink was the color chosen to welcome the fair goers: Untitled on the beach  and design Miami among them

Ceramic was everywhere, creative and looking primitive but colorful.


hass brithers

Hass Brothers

Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley

Katsuyo Aoki

Katsuyo Aoki



DSC_0033 IMG_7424

Talking about primitive…. the Perez Museum had a show of Aboriginal Art from Australia. I found it meditative and sometime … my eyes just saw dots. Maybe that’s what Kussama saw when she created her Christmas tree.


The main fair at the convention center was full of big name artists and some emerging ones at Nova.

Overall there was comfort in seeing familiar names and colorful works. It brings a smile and elevates the spirit when it rains outside and the news is not so uplifting.


DSC_0096 DSC_0050 IMG_7450 IMG_7496 DSC_0029 DSC_0042 IMG_7448 IMG_7484 IMG_7458

Thursday morning , The Rubell’s presented their collection which this year was themed, No Man’s Land showing women artists and offered with an artistic breakfest created by their daughter Jennifer. This year we were treated to buttered bread.



Hanukah is here! At Design Miami there was an installation called EL SOL, sun,  by FR-EE  Fernando Romero Enterprises, a Mexican artist using Swarovski crystals to create an installation that explores humankind’s relationship to the sun


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